Why us?

One on One Mentors was founded by Randy Shain, who has decades of experience working directly with young people:

  • He has run a company with 70+ employees, most of whom are in their early 20’s.
  • He has interviewed and hired hundreds of people, almost all recent college graduates. He understands what employers seek, and what gives candidates an edge.
  • He has helped to train dozens of people.
  • He has coached multiple teams of teenagers.
  • He was a board member of a non-profit teenage group.
  • He is a natural at bringing the best out of people and is non-judgmental, fostering an open dialogue and building trust with his students.
  • He has passion and a belief that young people today can be truly remarkable, with steady guidance and an occasional push.

Unlike most people, he doesn’t define success by how many hours someone works or how much money someone earns. Instead, he teaches people to focus on learning what they’re interested in and to become really good at that – this inevitably leads to becoming employable AND to increased job satisfaction, which in turn leads to better performance, which often means more money.