As a freshman, it was intimidating to know I needed to take classes to somehow figure out my major, as well as make sure I was fulfilling Bucknell University class requirements along the way. Randy became someone I needed after I realized the advice provided at my university was not as thorough and involved as I needed. Randy makes sure to understand everything your college requires as well as how to take those classes strategically in order to help your major, or take necessary steps to figuring one out. ~ Bucknell University freshman

Randy has played a pivotal role in guiding me through understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and helping me figure out what I want for my future. With Randy, it’s about him wanting to help, not having to help. He has my interests and concerns at heart, and was more than instrumental in boosting my confidence to create and follow my own path. ~ Rising Senior at Sacred Heart

Although he would never admit it, Randy has been an instrumental part of my success in college thus far. I have reached out to him many times out of the blue, with a variety of complex personal and professional questions and his advice has always been incredibly insightful. He has never missed a call, an email, or any attempt to connect, and even though he is busy he always makes time. Many people assume that a relationship with a mentor has to be a conventional business relationship coated in so much formality that it saps the fun and personality right out of it. Over the course of my friendship (note that I do not use the term friendship lightly) with Randy I have learned that this is not at all the case. Randy is informal but informative. He is easily one of the best people that I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I am truly and deeply appreciative of all he has done for me. And I can say with confidence that were it not for him I would not be where I am today. ~ President of Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society/Rutgers Business School Sophomore

Randy simply brings out the best in me. He gave me confidence in my writing and other skills, urged me to take challenging classes, and helped me to think through any problem I was having trouble finding the answer to. It was so convenient and easy to receive Randy’s wisdom, as he was just a simple email, text, or call away. Even getting out all of my thoughts and issues to him in an extensive email was a great way to catch up and pinpoint current things to work on, or future things to try. Most of all talking to Randy through email, on the phone, or in person has been so rewarding because of his accepting, positive, patient, and wise nature that brought out a very honest and enthusiastic side of me that I had trouble bringing out earlier. ~ Rutgers Business School Freshman

Working with One on One Mentors helped transform a seemingly difficult search for an internship into an attainable outcome. Randy was always available to talk when needed. He looked out for my best interests and was genuinely concerned with my progress at school. He led me in a clear realistic direction and provided continuous guidance during the internship search. ~ Kelley Business School, University of Indiana Sophomore

Searching for a full time job after college can be a very challenging time for some individuals and often times students lack the guidance they need to succeed. Recently graduating from Rutgers State University I felt that the advisers were not helpful and outside guidance was crucial for success. Randy Shain served as my mentor for quite some time and it was through his assistance that I was able to land a full time opportunity at IBM. Randy is able to provide valuable insight and support to ensure that you are successful. Randy’s assistance helped me move past my insecurities and helped me to push forward when I was ready to give up. He has the perfect balance of communication skills, networking ability, and technique to help motivate you to pursue your dreams. ~ Rutgers Business School Senior

Randy is my number one resource for filtering through static, weighing options, and making well-balanced decisions for long term success. He has been and continues to be instrumental in supporting me through complex situations, especially as it relates to post-college career choices and personal development. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such an effective mentor. ~ Recent Binghamton graduate

Randy has provided me with the direction and support necessary to discover employment options, which align with my long-term goals and interests. He played an integral role as a sincere and encouraging mentor during the process of obtaining said employment. ~ Rutgers Business School Class of 2015

Randy has been immensely helpful to me as a mentor. He has superb listening skills, an ability to find clarity in complex situations and genuine empathy. This has enabled me to overcome many hurdles and achieve many goals as a business owner. ~ Small Business Owner

Randy has been an amazing resource for my son Jacob, now a senior at Hamilton, over the last two years. Randy’s ability to have thoughtful conversations and guide Jacob in exploring his interests surpassed my expectations as a mentor. In a lot of ways, Randy’s approach opened Jacob up to the idea of different career paths and opportunities I don’t think he might have explored if suggested by his parents. Through Randy’s introductions, Jacob networked with financial and other business leaders and is being guided in the ins and outs of the business world. I have no doubt that the tools Jacob continues to gain will go a long way in the next phase of his life. Jacob is lucky to not only have a mentor, but a friend for life.~ Parent of Hamilton College senior