The Universe of the University

Private Coaching for College Students

College students today have grown up with personalized coaches. They’ve benefited from individual sports training, music lessons, SAT/ACT prep, college essay help, and finally from counseling on getting into their college of choice.

One on One Mentors is the next logical step in this process, and moreover, is the only sensible way to protect and realize the tremendous investment parents make in their children’s education and college career.

At One on One Mentors, we establish relationships with students entering their freshman year. Communicating via text, email, phone, skype and in-person meetings, our mentors are an invaluable resource for students navigating the universe of the university.

We help uncover what they like. We prod them to try many of these “likes,” so that they’ll learn what they love, while avoiding the stress of not knowing. We push them slightly out of their comfort areas, but are always there to help them learn how to deal with situations that don’t go their way.

We assist them in finding summer work. We help them analyze what they found stimulating about that work, and what they didn’t. We keep refining this until by senior year, they have a much better sense of who they are, what they want, and how to get it.

We then teach them how to present themselves on paper, and more importantly, in an interview.

In today’s world, college students can’t miss out on this opportunity, as it’s too easy to get left behind.

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