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How to study: Don’t be seen

Anyone who reads this page knows that I rarely if ever talk about my own college experience, as I don’t think it’s all that relevant given the decades since it occurred.

I’m making an exception re studying. I vividly recall every day passing these 2 guys in the hallway/sort-of-lounge place of our dorm, splayed out with books all over the table, assorted caffeinated drinks and salty snacks at the ready. I’d see them at 9am; they’d still be there at 9pm when I was going out. Once, one of them asked, “how come we never see you studying?” My reply? “If you saw me studying, I wouldn’t be studying.”

Study in private., Find the most boring place on campus, where no one goes, and study there. FOMO is a real thing, and you’ll definitely miss out on socializing while you study. But trust me: you’ll have far more time to socialize if you study in private. AND, you’ll get better grades too.