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Serendipity: Not luck but skill?

In the midst of digging out my home from 2 and a half feet of snow, I was  approached  by my neighbor’s son, who managed to ask me, in a very low voice, if I wanted him to pave my excruciatingly steep driveway.  Immediately I said yes, and after negotiating a perfectly reasonable fee, I went inside to enjoy myself, with the only loser being my chiropractor.

What’s the point?  That while shoveling, I wasn’t focused on my neighbor.  Instead, he had to muster the courage to engage in business with me.  We each emerged very satisfied, but just as easily could have found ourselves miserable, him with empty pockets, and me with a crooked spine.

This article points out very well that serendipity isn’t random, but is actually controllable.  What a powerful thing to know; if we can control serendipity, think of all the wonderful life events that will come our way.

So get out there, offer what you have, and watch the opportunities roll your way.

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