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Real Jobs can be anywhere

Transferrable qualities.  When I think of the best employees with whom I’ve had the great fortune of working over the years, it’s always those people who learned something when they were young, whether at work, during school, at a club or wherever, and then transferred that quality to the job.
A super kid I’m thrilled to be mentoring, Jeffrey Horowitz, has worked as a camp counselor and this upcoming summer will be in charge of more than 100 kids as well as other counselors.  Skeptics tell him to “get a real job,” when in fact he’ll be doing more “real” work than almost anyone his age.  Dealing with kids, being the boss of one’s peers, handling parental complaints – that shit is as authentic as it gets.  And trust me, a few years from now Jeff will be able to transfer the stuff he learns here to any company, which in turn will be rewarded for hiring him.
Making copies at your dad’s buddy’s office might sound impressive, but it sucks, and no employer is fooled by it.  Skip it, and find something real.
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