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Open your doors to other people

Some good stuff in this story (https://medium.com/the-mission/6-lessons-i-learned-from-six-years-in-college-b9dfa0541da8#.qgtyu1y22)  but what I liked the most was the part about meeting different kinds of people.
“When you grow up in one area, you think that’s life. You are exposed to the same people, same opinions, thoughts, culture, etc.
That’s a very limited life.
But once you go to college, you often meet people from different countries, with different ideas and cultures.
That’s a great way to learn about people and the world. In a way, it’s like traveling the world. But when you go to college, the world comes to you.”
When you open your door and you open your mind, a world of possibilities will open for you. 
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