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Making friends that aren’t like you

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Frosh Tip #4: Everyone understands the appeal of replacing your HS friend group immediately at college. The downside? You miss out on a shit ton of amazing people by limiting yourself to finding kids exactly like you, kids who share your religion and your socioeconomic sphere and even your state. It’s a little like ordering a burger at every restaurant on a tour of 10 European countries; sure, they’ll likely be fine, but the way you discover octopus is amazing is trying it. (My vege/vegan friends are encouraged, sort of, to substitute kale over iceberg in this metaphor.)
Even if the pull of safety is so great that you need to have your group solidified on day 2, don’t limit yourself to this group for 4 years. There is no chance when you graduate you’ll work with a group of people just like you, and believe me, you’ll be incredibly ill-suited to work with people different than you if you’ve never been at least friends with them before.