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Make mistakes.

Today’s tidbit is courtesy of Binghamton’s newest real estate mogul, my friend Adam Ibrahim, who’s pointed out something I’m hoping all college students learn: do not let fear get in the way of listening, learning and changing. I get that it’s easier to stay the same, even if doing so is ineffective, because making mistakes is “embarrassing.” But college is all about making mistakes (and I don’t just mean eating that 5th slice of sausage pizza at 3am).

Why is it OK to make mistakes in college? Absent huge, obviously terrible long-lasting decisions, most of the “mistakes” you make, like saying the wrong answer in class, failing a test, taking a course you end up hating, trying a club that turns out to be dull, and making friends that you move away from the next semester, aren’t really mistakes. All of these experiences move you on your path (cue the new age music here). So don’t be afraid to try anything and everything your school offers. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. 4 slices is plenty.