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Incoming freshmen: making friends

Incoming freshmen tip 2 is about making friends.  Your first few days/weeks of school, you’ll feel homesick.  One of the best antidotes to homesickness is to immerse yourself in your school’s social scene.  We don’t mean just getting tanked, either.  No, we’re referring to simply making some new friends.
Most of you haven’t done this since middle school, so don’t be surprised if you’re out of practice and nervous.  Remember, everyone around you almost certainly feels the same way.
So how do you meet new friends?  One way is to, well, talk to other kids.  Start with your floor-mates, but be open to everyone you meet – whether in class, in your dorm, in school clubs, at the gym, etc.  You’ll be surprised at how fast, “Can I tag along with you tonight?” turns into “where are we going tonight?” 
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