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First Job Tip #4

How to act on your first job Tip #4:  Temper your expectations.  You are not the boss on day 1, and you won’t be the boss on day 2 either.  Your first two years of work, in fact, are more like your 5th and 6th years of college, but with you getting paid instead of you/your parents paying huge sums to your school. 
You are at work to learn and to be valuable to your employer.  You will not make them money initially; they have to train you, which costs them time and money, and then put up with your mistakes and relatively low production.  In return, you’ll dedicate yourself to becoming an asset as fast as you can, and then commit to this company until you’ve learned all you can. 
Do this, and you’ll have earned money, pride, transferrable skills and a great reference.  Get to it.
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