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Authentic interviewing

Asked how he hires, Todd Rovak, CEO of Capgemini Consulting, told the NYT that he asks candidates the first 5 things they read every day.  After they tell him what they think he wants to hear, he asks them what they really read.
Why does he push?  “I want … people to bring their whole self to work, because we are better when we have different perspectives.  … If you’re a musician on the side, bring that in.  … I need a dog lover arguing with a cat lover.  It’s the ‘why’ behind diversity.”
When you interview for any job, from an unpaid internship to a full-time, post-grad gig, be yourself.  Demonstrate not just that you are interested in the job, and have the skills to do the job, but also that you are a person the company will want to have around.
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